Basic Dog Training

Why train your dog?

  • Do you want a well behaved dog you can be proud of?
  • Do you need some help and guidance with your dog training?
  • Is this the first dog you have owned and need some help and support with training?
  • Do you want to build a good relationship with your dog?
  • Do you want your dog to be happy?
  • Whether you have owned dogs before or you are new to owning a dog we can help you with your dogs training and mental stimulation.

Learning to train your dog is fundamental to your dogs social skills and development, training teaches you to communicate appropriately with your dog so you can have a great relationship and it can also provide you with positive ways to tackle any unwanted behaviour in your dog.

However training classes aren’t for everyone, they can be stressful for both dogs and owners which could be detrimental to the learning of you and your dog. One to one dog training and socialisation is a great way to get to know your dog and allow your dog to get to know you within a stress free environment away from the distraction of others. You will be learning to handle your dogs behaviour in ‘the real world’ oppose to a false environment. No matter how old your dog is, training is a great way to bond.

Within the dog training sessions you will learn:

About your dog and your dogs breed, the principles of dog training, how dogs learn and how to motivate them to:

Give you their attention, sit, lie down, stand, stay, come when called, walk nicely on a lead, play nicely, leave and much more……..

Within the sessions you will also learn about:

Handling your dog correctly, socialising your dog with other dogs and people, trick training, feeding, exercise, stress in dogs and other factors to consider when training and educating your dog.

You will learn and be given information on all the above throughout your training sessions, more specifically you will be able to adapt what you learn to addressing, managing and preventing any unwanted behaviour in your dog such as:

Jumping up




Attention seeking and much more……………….

One to one training sessions last 1 hour approx. (Additional training sessions are often required dependant on owner and dogs prior knowledge and handling)

Enquiries welcome…….

If you feel one to one training is for you please contact: Vicky on 07818 453 366.

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