Dog Behaviour

Behaviour Help:

Are you struggling with your dogs behaviour?
Has your dog been labelled a ‘problem dog’?
Does your dog rule your life?
Does your dog stop you leaving the house?
Is your dog terrorising your neighbours and your local neighbourhood?
Does your dog worry or scare you?
Are you at your wits end?
Do you feel like giving up your dog? Do you want to understand your dog?…………….Don’t worry, we can help you and your dog.

“Jumping Up, Digging, Chewing, Biting, Guarding, Obsessing, Bullying, Attention seeking, Stealing, Barking, Generally Inappropriate behaviour………….”

All people want is a dog that can be part of your family that is well behaved and pleasant to have around, a friend that you can enjoy and have fun with.

If we simply address the dogs actions we may be masking the underlying issue therefore it is better to understand why a dog might be behaving in an unwanted manner so we can address the situation as a whole and prevent any further behaviour problems arising. By meeting you, your dog and your family I can assess the needs of all involved in order to develop a lifestyle training and management programme that is effective based on your circumstances.

‘I cannot diagnose your problem over the phone’ when it comes to training and behaviour, dogs body language will play a large part in determining any issues so I will have to meet your dog.
One to One consultations will vary from one dog to another dependent on where the behaviour is taking place and what the dog is displaying. Attending dog training is not suitable for all dogs which is why one to one sessions can vastly improve your dogs behaviour.

If you struggle to offer your dog the suggested schedule or you can’t meet the demands of your dogs training, I may suggest residential training or private training where I will train and exercise your dog according to the dogs needs, this will be discussed within your consultation.

The Consultation:

I will make a home visit that will last between 45 mins to 1 hour. It is important throughout the consultation with me that you are as open and honest as possible, within your consultation we will look at the dogs history, diet, training situation and surrounding factors. You will then receive a behaviour training programme and schedule tailored to your dog and lifestyle. I am there to help so the more information you can provide, the quicker and more efficient we will be at establishing a lifestyle training programme that will primarily help your dog and also fit in with your life.

Topics discussed within the consultation:

Backgrounds of you and your dog
Daily routine
Medical history
Why you need my help.
As your dog mentor any information shared is strictly confidential.

Lifestyle training programme:

The methods I use are humane and progressive I will show you ways of addressing and managing your dogs behaviour to make your lives together more enjoyable. Any advice or programme put in place will be specific to you and your dog based on your dogs behavioural issues and your lifestyle, the information received should not be used to advise further dog owners with regards to their own dogs behaviour as this could be detrimental to their dogs needs.

Alongside your dog training programme you will receive mentor support via phone or email so you if you are ever unsure about the training programme you can just ask.

Enquiries welcome: Vicky Lees – 07818 453 366 –